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Exhibition design and coordination 'Lest we forget'




[Lest we forget, translated: Schieten tegen het vergeten]


Guest curator: Frank van der Stok

Design and coordination by DSWS


Our picture of the Second World War is dominated by photographs taken by official military photographers and large press agencies. This gives a one-sided view, often characterized by self-censorship. But many photographs taken during the Second World War were made by ordinary people. The photographs taken by amateur photographers provide a direct and authentic picture of life under Nazi occupation. These images, many of them taken in secret, are only now being given the attention they deserve.


Lest We Forget focuses on a small group of photographers who took great risks to document life in Zeeland during the occupation. Hiding in a doorway or behind a window, they photographed raids for the

Arbeitseinsatz (forced labour) or a V2 transportation. Armed with a camera, they ensured that future generations would not forget what they lived through. 

The exhibition comprises small cohesive presentations of photographs by Cornelis Pieter Snijders, Neeltje Flipse-Roelse, Jo Vissers, Rykel ten Kate, Jos de Ligny and Fa. Dert.


The exhibition also provides an overview of two important episodes dur-ing the Second World War in Zeeland: the bombing of Middelburg on 17 May 1940 and the Battle of the Scheldt (2 October - 8 November 1944). Both presentations include a wealth of amateur photographs and films by Zeelanders.

The exhibition marks the 75th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands on 10 May 1940. 


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