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Jeroen Bosch Hospital, The Netherlands

Interior design Jeroen Bosch Hospital

Den Bosch, The Netherlands


In this hospital the library and auditorium are smartly woven into each other, connected by booths and consultation spaces. As a member of the EGM interior group I realized the design of this knowledge center, as well as the nearby restaurant seatings and reception desks.


The balustrade and staircase are cleverly detailed as they connect both floors. The knowlage center's open floor plan offerers interaction around conference tables on both floors a pantry auditorium and library under the auditorium's ramp.

In the auditorium a full technical installetion is provided for student surgeons to practise their skills on a virtual operating table.


The Jeroen Bosch Hospital seeks to be the most patient-friendly hospital in the Netherlands. EGM architecten translated this desire into a building with a clever layout, ample daylight, playful interior and accessible, green outdoor spaces.


The Jeroen Bosch Hospital building is the largest non-academic hospital in the Netherlands. It stems from a merger of three smaller hospitals and the collaboration with other institutions. The design is based on a comprehensive analysis of the organization.

This required consultation with over fifty user groups. The results are combined with the latest international findings in the areas of care, creating a modern and smoothly functioning complex.



Photos: EGM architecten

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