About DSWS

Design Studio Wouter Storm, founded in 2006

Interior architecture, exhibitions, photography

and R&D of new materials towards a more circular economy.


Over the years I developed a broad interest in craftsmanship, fashion, architecture, history, city development and the production industry. Story telling and conceptual design have always had my fascination, as well as production up to high detailed standards.

Branding B2B, B2C, thinking out of the box, circular economy, working towards a better perspective for our daily live. I enjoy connecting people of various disciplines and backgrounds, professionally and culturally. So many assumptions should be reconsidered nowadays that it is of great value to look forward with a clear and open mind.


3D design & production

3D design & production

- interior design;

- content focussed exhibition design;

- object detailing.


From concept sketch to solid state

- 3D cad design and conversion to execution;

- concept to production;

- supply of materials and furniture;

- installation on location.

3D design & production


2D design & printjobs

Graphics for pixel and print
- branded content design;

- virtual tours and photo shoots;
- graphic design for printed media.

- interactive 360 tours;

- portraits and product photography;
- high quality detailed printing in all sizes.


In a brainstorm all opportunities are to be deployed. Fresh combinations will lead to valuable possibilities.


Advise can be provided in many forms:

- personal or group wise;

- private, B2B or educational;

- in consultation, sketch wise or by 

   designing in phases.


Brainstorm & advise

Time line Wouter Storm

Interior architecture '97-2001
Interior architecture '97-2001

Born and raised in Rotterdam I studied interior architecture at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy. Both in 2008 and 2009 I taught interior architecture to 2nd year students.

EGM architects 2000-2005
EGM architects 2000-2005

As part of the EGM interior group I designed projects mainly in institutional settings as hospitals and special care institutes.

RNW Conceptdesign '06-2012
RNW Conceptdesign '06-2012

As co-founder and designer in the partnership RNW Conceptdesign we increasingly combined interior design, exhibition- and graphic design in interactive settings.

Design Studio Wouter Storm
Design Studio Wouter Storm

In 2012 I initiated independent consultancy designing exhibitions and coordinating productions, also commissioned by the Zeeuws Museum, other organizations and companies.

Gallery & shop/label
Gallery & shop/label

After founding Gallery Tutti Cortex [research of applied art] Dutch Chairmen [production label in the making & sales podium for high-end Dutch design] arose.