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Floating Pavilion, Rotterdam Rijnhaven

In Rotterdam Rijnhaven, an eye-catching structure has been erected. A floating complex consisting of three connected half-spheres. We designed the full option multi media houses and event space.

The structure is 12 meters tall, with a total floor area the size of four tennis courts, and is fully relocatable. The floating pavilion is remarkable not only because of the spheres floating on the water, but also because of its climate-proof, innovative, sustainable and flexible qualities. The complex is a design by the design team Deltasync/PublicDomain Architects. It was constructed by Dura Vermeer. The floating pavilion is a pilot and a catalyst for floating construction in Rotterdam. The pavilion consists of three connected spheres, the largest of which has a radius of 12m / 39ft. The floor area of the pavilion island is over 46x24m 151x78ft.


Project realized while working at RNW Conceptdesign.

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