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New: Crane series

Additional to the narrative Oom Jan icons [as the famous Gun and Skull] Gallery Tutti Cortex offeres the evolving and enjoyable series of certificated Meccano cranes.

Rotterdam is the breeding ground of this playful collection created by Billy Leliveld.

Please contact us for even more unique models and sizes.

Sitetable 010 by Jacqueline le Bleu 00016
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This side table is Booked by Jacqueline le Bleu. Each unique object is a tribute to the book. All characteristic parts, like the beautiful linen covers, bract and ribbon markers are being re-used in a very detailed way. The paper inside of the book is recycled and replaced by a plywood frame, whereby the designs look like optical illusions. Each object is a handmade unique piece named after the most striking booktitel. It’s also possible to customize your own piece by choosing books The cover is all about the content.

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