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Additional to the narrative Oom Jan icons [as the famous Gun and Skull] Gallery Tutti Cortex offeres the evolving and enjoyable series of certificated Meccano cranes.

Rotterdam is the breeding ground of this playful collection created by Billy Leliveld.

Please contact us for even more unique models and sizes.

Little Crane by Billy Leliveld 00012
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15x35x45cm hg.

Crane serie, lamps made from Meccano by Billy Leliveld. When his 'Oom Jan' moved to a nursing home Billy received his collection Meccano. He made a light for his uncle Jan to feel a little more at home in his new room. Since then, Billy created little world of their own with this Meccano. They keep humor and lightness alive. All lamps are unique and have their own number, homemade box and certificate.

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